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Todd Glickfield , Attorney At Law

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Don't put off getting the legal expertise you need. Hire us for just one issue or as a retainer to provide ongoing legal service to your business. You'll get the results you need.

You'll always get outstanding customer service and reliable response. Don't depend on an unexperienced team when our attorneys are ready to help you.

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Hire dedicated business attorneys to work closely with you for all of your business law needs. Count on our team to provide you with the resources you need to avoid risks and capitalize in the best way possible.


- Contracts

- Lawsuit help

- Liability issues

- Real estate investments

- Business investments


Don't assume your business is protected. Hire a legal team that's dedicated to providing you with the very best resources possible, including outstanding experience in complex business matters. Call Glickfield Law Office!

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Trust in our experienced trial attorneys. You can count on our 20 years of experience to help you to get through even the worst cases with ease.

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