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Call our criminal defense attorneys as soon as you are under arrest or being questioned by authorities. Don't talk to the police without legal guidance by your side.

You may be innocent - many people charged with crimes are. Don't assume innocence is enough to protect you from the worst outcome.

Hire an attorney with proven success

Call our legal team immediately if you are facing legal questioning or need advice. Let us guide you to the best possible outcome. Protect your innocence by having a proven trial attorney by your side.



- Drug possessions

- Burglary

- Murder

- Child molestation


Turn to Glickfield Law Office for all of your legal needs. Let our experienced attorneys guide you through the legal process and protect your freedom and legal rights. Count on us to handle your case properly.

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Don't step foot into a courtroom or talk to the police if you think you are being questioned without an attorney by your side. Protect your legal rights by retaining a proven attorney.

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