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Todd Glickfield , Attorney At Law

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You don't want a judge making decisions about your family without the best possible information to do so. Let us help you through this emotional, stressful time. You are not alone in this battle.

Let us help you to present your case and needs to the court in the best possible way.

Get legal advice your family needs

You need an experienced attorney to help you with all of your family legal needs. You also need a compassionate, understanding legal professional by your side.


Trust in a legal team with more than 20 years of experience in areas such as:


- Divorce

- Paternity, custody, adoption, child support

- Property division

- Guardianships  and visitation


You have rights. Let Glickfield Law Office help to protect them with aggressive, dependable legal aid.

Get Results

Depend on us

Stop worrying about the outcome. Trust in our years of trial experience and outstanding track record. You can get the best possible outcome.

Don't put off calling our offices to discuss your case. Get a FREE initial consultation to discuss your family law needs openly.

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