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Todd Glickfield , Attorney At Law

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You may not be sure if you have a legal case. Let our expert attorneys help to determine if you have the right to sue or pursue additional claims in your situation. Don't assume your case is easy.

Count on our legal team to work hard for you. You'll always have compassionate, reliable attorneys by your side to help you to get the best possible outcome.

Get legal support for your claims

Get comprehensive legal advice for any type of personal injury claim. Come in for a FREE CONSULTATION to find out if you can prove negligence. We work on contingent fee so there is no fee unless we collect !


- Auto accidents

- Medical malpractice

- Wrongful death

-Slip & fall


At Glickfield Law Office, we understand the difficulties you are facing with medical bills and lost time at work. Let us find out if you can prove negligence and then, if possible, help you to pursue the compensation owed to you. Please bring all information regarding case when you come in for appt.

Prove your case

FREE help

Don't pay a thing if you don't recovery anything from your legal action. You don't have to worry about the cost of legal action in personal injury suits with our attorneys.

Don't settle a case with an insurance company without talking to an attorney first. Don't agree to any settlement without being sure you are getting all of the compensation you deserve.

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