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Todd Glickfield , Attorney At Law

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Come in to discuss all of your estate planning needs, even if you are young and healthy. Protect your family from the unknown with a clear, legally-binding will.

Do you need help managing probates for a loved one? Let our experts guide you through the probate process so you don't have to battle creditors on your own.

Are your assets protected?

You have the right to make decisions about your assets and what happens to them after you are no longer here. You can have peace of mind knowing your family is protected financially, too. Hire our estate planning team to guide you through it.


- Wills and living wills

- Trusts

- Guardianships

- Probate

- Full estate planning


Protect your dependents, honor your favorite charities, or simply avoid taxes on your estate with our legal guidance. Our experience speaks for itself at Glickfield Law Office.

Let us help

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Talk to our experienced attorneys to learn about your needs. You may be able to reduce taxes and provide financial support to your family. Learn how.

Contact our legal team for help with all of your estate planning needs. Come in for a FREE CONSULTATION to get an idea of what your options really are.

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